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Timeless advanced technology and consistent quality.

These are the hallmarks of EURAL GNUTTI SPA, a reference point throughout the world for the production of semi-finished aluminium products.

The story of this Brescia-based organisation began some time ago, in the years following the end Second World War.

In 1947 the Gnutti family was actively involved in the metal production sector, operating one of the largest industrial centres for the production of extruded and drawn materials in brass, with a smaller output of extruded aluminium products. Despite its relatively recent introduction, aluminium soon gained a significant foothold in all industrial sectors.

A great leap forward in the company’s development took place in 1968, with the establishment of a new industrial entity, EURAL GNUTTI SPA.

The name Eural combines the two most important elements in the company’s history and success – Europe and aluminium.

From the outset Eural chose to follow a philosophy based on human values and uncompromising professional principles – conviction and deep commitment to the work (in fact, the first extrusion was carried out on a now long-ago labour day), an emphasis on research and development, investment in cutting-edge technology, punctual delivery and constant product evolution, leading to outstanding quality levels.

In the 1970s the company management saw, with exceptional entrepreneurial vision, that the company’s future success rested on two areas of production – opening its own foundry and developing new aluminium alloys.

However the greatest achievement has come in the last 15 years, with the production of new lines and the acquisition of new machinery The research and ongoing development of new alloys for internationally famous commercial partners, the conquest of global European, American and Asian markets, and the completion of a far-reaching aim – to develop the ability to handle every production phase within the company, and to be able to use standard and customised products for the most demanding clients.

EURAL has enjoyed constant growth. The first mill in Rovato covered a total area of 15,000 square metres, now this aluminium production giant covers an area of 400,000 square metres, with 70,000 of these under cover.


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