Stangen 2033 LEAD FREE

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This alloy has been developed by EURAL and it is one of the best for high speed automatic lathes. It gives the following advantages:

  • • Easy machining with any tool
  • • Excellent chip forming performance (thin chip)
  • • Longer tool life
  • • High mechanical properties
  • • Better anodizing and weldability attitude compared to alloys 2011, 2007, 2030. This alloy does not contain neither lead nor tin and therefore it is a good solution for the production of parts under the latest restriction on this topic (2018/740/EU RoHS: Pb ≤ 0,1% starting from 18/05/2021).

    Main applications:
    automotive industry, electric and electronic industry, precision machining, defense, forging, screws, bolts, nuts, threaded parts of thin thickness.

    According to EU directives:
    2000/53/EU (ELV) - 2018/740/EU (RoHS II)