Why aluminium

 Why aluminium

Aluminium is one of the most used metals in modern industry, due to the optimal combination of several properties contained in it.

Lightness. Aluminium has a low specific weight; this characteristic offers huge advantages in many industrial applications.

Formability. Extruded semi-finished products can be offered in a wide range of profiles to drawing, extruded and drawn round and shaped bars.
The variety of alloys makes possible the use of aluminium in several applications that can be very different, among which hot stamping.

Machinability. Aluminium can be very easily machined; machinability of some aluminium alloys can be absolutely comparable to the one of brass.

Long life and corrosion resistance. Aluminium grants good protection against corrosion. The natural layer of protective oxide can be increased by anodic oxidation treatments.

Electrical and thermal conductivity. Aluminium has excellent specific electrical conductivity which makes it indispensable to electrical and electronic applications. Moreover it is also very good for all applications where heat dissipation is needed.

Non-toxicity. It is a non-toxic material, largely used by the food industry in the food preparation and conservation processes.

Recyclability. Aluminium is easily recyclable with limited energy costs.