One area of application where EURAL GNUTTI S.p.A. offers a product with high technological content is hydraulics (gear pump bodies and bushing blocks).

The alloy proposed with great success for many years is EN AW-7003, developed by Japanese Sumitomo Light Metal, comparable to the 7020 European alloy and the 7005 American alloy.

The porthole extruded profiles for the production of gear pump bodies and bushing blocks are supplied in T5 temper which means: cooled after hot plastic processing and artificially aged (according to parameters already tested since long time).

The mechanical characteristics of this alloy are suitable for the requirements of this type of application: tensile strength min. 350 MPa, yield strength 290 MPa, elasticity 10% and hardness of 105 HBW.

As full warranty of the product, in addition to the standard controls of chemical analysis and mechanical properties, a rigid check over the capacity of extrusion welds using destructive tests is always run.