Environment policy

EURAL GNUTTI S.p.A. is committed:

  1. to assure that its activities will be made according to the laws in force and to the possible underwritten practise codes;

  2. to carry out every effort in organizational, operative and technological terms for a continuous improvement of its environmental and energy management system and for the prevention of the pollution of soil, water and air;

  3. to determine environmental and energy objectives and targets to be integrated with our plant management;

  4. to reduce, where technically possible and economically sustainable, every negative impact on the environment and of its activities, products and services;

  5. to create technologically advanced products with less environmental impact, even in a life cycle perspective;

  6. to minimize where technically possible and economically sustainable, the energy consumption of its activities;

  7. to minimize the production of its waste, favouring the recovery where possible;

  8. minimize the consumption of water and raw materials;

  9. to take into account the explicit and implicit needs of the customers and of the external involved parties.
Rovato, 20.11.2017
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    Respect for nature

    Respect for nature