Quality policy

EURAL GNUTTI S.p.A. is committed:

  1. to supply products with a better and better quality standard, assuring the customers of the product and process efficiency, reliability and quality, granting the agreed due dates and the right market price;

  2. to meet all customer’s expectations in the product technological choices placing great experience at the customer’s disposal as a guarantee for an ongoing research into new products;

  3. to have such a profit as to guarantee the improvement of the process performance in order to face the global market competition, focusing on the internal reduction of the passive costs and improving more and more the equipment efficiency and productivity;

  4. to consolidate our market share in the traditional markets with a strong propensity to enter the new worldwide markets;

  5. to improve product quality by involving the suppliers, making them and their production process grow in order to improve more and more their reliability;

  6. to improve the work atmosphere, the plant and production process safety, trying to meet at best all needs of the internal personnel, optimizing the work conditions with the utmost respect of the compulsory requirements;

  7. to get all personnel more and more involved, taking into account that targets and maximum customer’s satisfaction can be obtained by everybody’s care only.


Our certification

Our certification