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Tips for machining

Tips for machining - US

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This alloy has very high mechanical properties, high fatigue strength, good forging attitude and excellent machinability on high-speed lathes. Eural alloy 2077 is the first and only hard alloy with superior characteristics to 2024, which guarantees a chip formation comparable to 2011 and 2033, thus very high productivity, tighter tolerances, better surface roughness and longer tool life. Eural 2077 is the best alternative to alloys 2017, 2017A, 2014, 2014A, 2024, 7020, 7022, 7075. Due to its high properties and excellent machinability, it can replace certain types of steel and cast iron.

Main applications:
valves, screws and bolts, threaded rods, structural components and high strength for aviation, defence, automotive.

According to EU directives:
2000/53/EU (ELV) - 2018/740/EU (RoHS II)