The choice of the correct aluminium alloy is a crucial passage that might determine the success of a product. To help you in this extremely delicate passage, we have created for you a powerful tool that, with few clicks, is able to suggest you which alloy you can chose, listing them from the most appropriate to the less suggested, according to your needs.

You will find also the alloys technical sheets in the Bars and Profiles sections.

Download the Alloy Suggestion Tool (Excel file, activate macros to use it).

It is important for us to draw to your attention that international standards leave the manufacturers too wide a margin of variability for creating each alloy. In practice this means that, for each alloy, you can face significant differences in mechanical properties, with not always acceptable results on your final products. In Eural we have generated a code that is more stringent than the international regulations and restricts further the oscillations within the same alloy, constantly guaranteeing you homogeneous products in the course of time, to always get the best mechanical properties.